Tebogo Thobejane and Inno MorolongTebogo Thobejane and Inno Morolong -Image Source@imzansi

Actress and nightclub hostess Tebogo Thobejane has thrown the media into a frenzy by making a startling accusation, alleging that reality TV star turned businesswoman Inno Morolong was behind an orchestrated attempt on her life. This shocking incident unfolded during a fateful night when Tebogo and a friend came under fire while being driven home from the Saints Champagne Lounge in Sandton, Johannesburg, around 11 PM.

Details of the Frightening Attack

Tebogo recounts that three assailants in a vehicle disguised as a florist’s van, in addition to a white Audi, pulled up alongside their car and opened fire. Miraculously, Tebogo managed to escape with a minor graze on her back, while her friend sustained injuries and is currently hospitalized. What should have been an enjoyable evening turned into a nightmare. In fear for her life, Tebogo has fled South Africa, leaving many questions in the wake of this shocking event.

Tebogo Thobejane vs. Lerato Kganyago: Concerns For Her Life

This isn’t the first time Tebogo has faced controversy and personal safety concerns. She previously expressed concerns for her life during a public dispute with fellow actress Lerato Kganyago. The alarming assassination attempt has intensified these fears and raised questions about the safety of public figures in the entertainment industry.

Tebogo Thogejane Assassination Attempt: Inno Morolong Responds

In response to these shocking allegations, Inno Morolong has remained tight-lipped. She declined to comment due to a protection order issued against her by Tebogo and abruptly ended a phone call upon hearing Tebogo’s name. A close friend of Inno’s has come forward, emphasizing Inno’s busy schedule and involvement in various commitments, such as preparing for Afro Piano Fest, opening a Tammy Taylor store in Cape Town, and serving as a brand ambassador for Saints Lounge, Cape Town. The friend vehemently denied Inno’s involvement in a plot against Tebogo and questioned the feasibility of such a claim.

Speculations and Industry Competition

Speculations have arisen in the wake of this shocking incident, with some suggesting that Tebogo might have staged the shooting for publicity, particularly in light of her plans to reopen her club. The competitive nature of the nightclub industry adds a layer of complexity to this situation, as public figures vie for attention and business in a crowded marketplace. The truth behind this ordeal remains uncertain, leaving room for a multitude of speculations and concerns within the industry.


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