Musa Khawula, Gogo Maweni and SK Khoza-Image Source(Instagram)Musa Khawula, Gogo Maweni and SK Khoza-Image Source(Instagram)

Privacy violation: Musa Khawula leaks SK Khoza’s alleged HIV status

SK Khoza is popular online because of leaked WhatsApp messages. The messages, which people have shared on social media, suggest that SK Khoza has HIV.

Musa Khawula is the person who shared the messages. Khawula did not seem worried about being sued or hurting his friendship with Gogo Maweni, who is SK Khoza’s baby mama.

Gogo Maweni pleads with nMusa Khawula to delete the screenshots

Gogo Maweni is a sangoma who is famous, like SK Khoza. She is mentioned in the leaked messages. In the messages, she talks to someone who wants to sleep with SK Khoza. Maweni is not happy with Khawula for sharing her private messages online.

Despite Maweni asking Khawula to remove his Instagram post, he has not done so. Khawula might be sued because it is against the law in South Africa to reveal someone’s health status without their permission. In the leaked messages, SK Khoza is said to have missed a job because he tested positive for HIV.

Fans think Musa Khawula may be sued for publicizing SK Khoza’s status

SK Khoza has not said anything about the messages, but many people in South Africa are talking about them. In the comment section, followers are not supporting the blogger, and many are hoping he will get sued by the actor.

According to news reports, Khawula is being sued for R500 000 by a famous photographer called Dumani Khuzwayo for past defaming posts he made, but it seems he is not stopping and learning from them.

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