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Prince Kaybee Joins EFF National Shutdown

South African artist DJ Prince Kaybee has opted to participate in the EFF National Shutdown movement.

The EFF has initiated a nationwide shutdown in order to draw attention to their demands, which include the resignation of President Cyril Ramaphosa and the cessation of load-shedding.

Prince Kaybee has announced on his Twitter account that he will be taking part in the ongoing National Shutdown protest that is currently taking place today.

“Getting in my worker’s attire and joining the protest. #NationalShutdown. See yall in the streets,” he tweeted.

Through a series of tweets, the DJ urged all South Africans to participate in the historic event. He also expressed his frustration with the current government.

“We can’t continue as if all is normal. All South Africans who are pained and annoyed by the state of our country should support the National Shutdown.

“People are dying in hospitals, and small businesses are closing down due to load-shedding.

Crime is high; people get slaughtered in the streets with no justice.

Inflation is increasing food prices, and people are losing their jobs.

Roads are riddled with potholes, and some are forced to drink dirty water while others don’t even have water to drink”.

A video of Prince Kaybee supporting the national shutdown while on the streets has surfaced on social media.

South Africans are pleased that the artist has followed through with his commitment to join the national shutdown protest.

Social media users have taken to various platforms to commend him for taking a stand and participating in the movement.


I wish other celebrities would take the struggle of the people seriously like you bru🤛big up


You’re a ground force! No arguments. 👏


@PrinceKaybee_SA I’m so proud of you.South Africa needs men like you


Thank you Sir, you are doing the lord’s work right there

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