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Prince Kaybee Divides Opinions After Opening Up On How He Started Playing Adult Games At 14

South African disc jockey Prince Kaybee—real name Kabelo Motsamai left his fans divided after he took to his timelines and revealed that he had his first sexual experience at the age of 14.


Prince Kaybee explained how he had broken his virginity at a tender age and said he was influenced by the “older gents” he hung around with.

“I had s_ex for the first time at age 14 with a woman way older than me. The older gents motivated this, claiming I need to prove myself. Not one broer asked me what are my dreams and aspirations and encouraged me to focus on my talents or school, NOT ONE.”

The Fetch Your Life hitmaker then added that young boys’ development in many societies is harmed by messages received from the older generation, saying,

“And this is the reality of most young boys today. I also wouldn’t be that harsh on the older guys for pressing this agenda because it was done to them and it’s all they know. Appalling beyond comprehension how the state of boy child development is at harm.”

Most of Prince Kaybee’s male fans agreed with him and blamed society for motivating boys to have s_ex at a young age, while his other fans slammed his comments and voiced that he had just surrounded himself with the wrong crowd.

In 2017, Prince Kaybee made headlines after revealing that his mother asked him to show her his manhood.

According to Zalebs, after he showed it to her, she reportedly commented that it was dark and added that he was burning it in the “oven.”

“Still, you’d the freewill to refuse. Your curiosity and choice got the better of you. A boy of 14 has considerably developed a sense of self, ego, will, determination, and obstinacy to do whatever or not to. Odd that you’d jettison responsibility on account of conformity,” @Questerr_ commented.

“I’ve been saying this, I had 2 children from 2 different women in the same year because we were told it was cool to sleep with different women by the streets. I don’t regret having children I regret being a player. We must change how we think so that the next generation can learn,” @IbrahimMabaqa said.

“U had bad surroundings, Bru. Older gents ko Kasi always wanted me to do well. They went as far as asking for my report each term,” @Goatee_Zakes


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