Musa Mseleku

Polygamist Musa Mseleku Shines As DSTV’s Dominant Star With Soaring Viewership

Reality TV star Musa Mseleku recently conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to his loyal followers in a touching message posted on his Facebook account.

As reported by entertainment blogger Phil Mhela, Musa Mseleku has emerged as the most popular male personality on DSTV’s reality TV programming.

His shows have garnered a remarkable viewership, and his latest venture, “Mnakwethu,” is also performing exceptionally well, according to Mphela.

“Fun Fact: Musa Mseleku is the highest-rated male/personality on DStv.  His reality show Uthando Nesthembu, has been the highest-rated reality show on the play form for numerous seasons. Mnakwethu also pulled big numbers and was constantly in the top 10 of DStv,” reported Mphela.

Note: This title is because, while Moja Love’s Uyajola 99 and sometimes Xrepo, and recently Isencane Lengane, have pulled more viewers, Musa has had 2 shows centred around him pull in the top 5 or 10, sometimes simultaneously. If we went by one show & yearly peak, Jub Jub wins.



Musa took his Instagram account to appreciate the news.

“We are humbled by your support. When we started we didn’t know that you, the people of Mzansi, were going to support and love us so much. Thank you so much to my family, my beautiful wives and my lovely, wonderful children,” he wrote.

Social Media Reacts

Fans have reacted to his achievement and congratulated him.
“The show must come back, we are suffering moneywise on YouTube. The reviews of the show really get views”
“Siyabonga Baba, you truly deserve this, ngisho nathi aboTomas sesiyakholwa manje ukuthi isithembu is real and can be done in a dignified way.”
Musa Mseleku is happily married to four remarkable wives: MaCele Mseleku, MaYeni Mseleku, Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku, and MaNgwabe Mseleku.
Together, they captivate audiences in their reality TV show “Uthando Nesthembu,” which offers a glimpse into their daily lives within a polygamous relationship.

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