Senzo Meyiwa-Image Source@InstagramSenzo Meyiwa-Image Source@Instagram

‘Police and Ambulance Not Called After Senzo Meyiwa Shooting’ Cellphone Data Analyst Reveals

On 26 October 2014, former Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa was fatally shot in Vosloorus, but none of the people in the Khumalo household called the police or emergency management service for help, as revealed by cellphone data analyst Colonel Lambertus Steyn. Steyn testified as the State’s fourth witness at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Monday, 31 July, shedding light on the cellphone data records of individuals present with Meyiwa on the night of the incident.

No Calls for Help after Senzo Meyiwa Shooting

During cross-examination by defence counsel Sipho Ramosepele, who represented accused number one and two, Steyn confirmed that there was no evidence of anyone inside the house, including Kelly Khumalo and others, calling the police or ambulance after the shooting occurred.

“What you are saying here is that Kelly Khumalo and this number that we know is attributed to her did not call the police on the day of the incident?” Ramosepele asked.

“That is correct,” Steyn replied.

Additionally, Steyn verified that he couldn’t find any phone number for the police or ambulance on any of the phones present at the scene, including the emergency hotline number “10 111.”

Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa-Image Source@Instagram
Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa-Image Source@Instagram

Bombshells in the Trial

As the trial continued, further revelations came to light. Steyn shared that he discovered two phone call records on one of Kelly Khumalo’s cellphones, originating from a number linked to accused number five, Fisokuhle Ntuli. One call was made on 2 August 2014, and another was made on 15 October 2014, which was just 11 days before Meyiwa’s tragic death.

In another surprising development, Steyn found that Meyiwa’s SIM card had been replaced the day after the incident and the new SIM card was used in former Kaizer Chiefs footballer David Mathebula’s handset. Eight calls were made between David Mathebula’s phone and Kelly Khumalo. Still, Steyn couldn’t determine the caller’s identity as the calls were “call forwards,” suggesting that the receiving phone was either switched off or had no signal.

Kelly Khumalo, Zandie and Senzo Meyiwa-Image Source@Instagram
Kelly Khumalo, Zandie and Senzo Meyiwa-Image Source@Instagram

Furthermore, Steyn established communication between suspects Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi, Mthobisi Prince Mncube, and Sifisokuhle Nkani Ntuli, challenging their previous claims of not knowing each other.

Legal Charges

Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi, Mthobisi Prince Mncube, Mthokoziseni Maphisa, and Sifisokuhle Nkani Ntuli are all standing trial for premeditated murder, attempted murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, possession of firearms without a license, and possession of ammunition.

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