Julius Malema and Uebert Angel wining and diningJulius Malema and Uebert Angel-Image Source(Instagram)

The Controversy Surrounding EFF Leader Julius Malema and Zimbabwe’s Prophet Uebert Angel

A photo of EFF leader Julius Malema having dinner with Zimbabwean businessman and self-proclaimed prophet, Uebert Angel, has caused controversy online. Angel has been accused of being part of a gold smuggling mafia syndicate and was captured on video pledging to launder dirty money worth a billion into Zimbabwe.

Malema, on the other hand, is a controversial figure in South African politics known for his outspoken criticism of government corruption and his calls for economic and social justice. He leads the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a left-wing political party in South Africa.

The Meeting

The photo of Malema and Angel was reportedly taken at a restaurant in Sandton, South Africa, but the date and time of the meeting are unknown. In the photo, the two men are seen smiling and enjoying a meal together.

Julius Malema and Uebert Angel wining and dining
Julius Malema and Uebert Angel-Image Source(Instagram)

The meeting has raised questions about Malema’s association with Angel, given the latter’s alleged involvement in illegal activities. Some have accused Malema of hypocrisy for dining with a man he has previously condemned.

Malema’s Response

Malema has not yet commented on the meeting, but sources close to him have suggested that it was simply a social gathering and that Malema was not aware of Angel’s alleged criminal activities.


The photo has sparked a range of reactions on social media, with many expressing disappointment in Malema’s apparent association with a man accused of illegal activities. Others have defended Malema, arguing that there is nothing wrong with having a meal with someone, even if that person has a controversial reputation.

It remains to be seen how Malema will respond to the controversy and whether it will have any impact on his political standing in South Africa.

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