Phindile Gwala skomota dance challengePhindile Gwala tries the Skomota Dance Challenge-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

South African actress Phindile Gwala has recently faced criticism following her participation in the viral Skomota dance challenge.

The Rise of Skomota’s Dance Challenge

The Skomota dance challenge gained popularity on social media after Limpopo internet sensation Skomota, also known as Ngwana Sesi, rose to fame with his signature dance moves.

Phindile Gwala Joins the Trend

Given the widespread popularity of Skomota’s dance challenge, Phindile Gwala decided to join in and showcase her take on the trending dance. The video of her performance was reshared on X, formerly Twitter, by the controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula.

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In the video, the former Muvhango actress, dressed in black jeans and a black top, can be seen outdoors doing her rendition of the Skomota dance challenge while holding a Redbull can.

Criticism on Social Media

Unfortunately, Phindile Gwala’s dance moves did not receive a positive response from social media users. Some compared her performance to someone having a seizure and accused her of mocking Skomota.

Despite the simplicity of the dance challenge, many argued that she failed to execute it effectively. The criticism flooded social media platforms, with users expressing their disappointment and disapproval.

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Reactions on Social Media:

  • @NewsOclock_SA: “She looks like she is having a seizure 😭”
  • @TheGBrown: “Challenges are not for everyone to be honest. At least she is famous.”
  • @ManOfSteel19901: “Phindile, who does she think she is mocking people like that! ‼️⚠️She is also mocking Skomota’s looks.”


The incident highlights the challenges that celebrities may face when participating in viral trends, as the scrutiny on social media can be intense. Phindile Gwala’s attempt to join the Skomota dance challenge resulted in a wave of criticism, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration when engaging in such activities.


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