Phelo Bala and Moshe Ndiki-Image Source@InstagramPhelo Bala and Moshe Ndiki-Image Source@Instagram

Phelo Bala Opens Up About Feelings Towards Ex-Husband Moshe Ndiki

Phelo Bala, the renowned musician, recently revealed his emotions regarding his ex-husband, the popular TV presenter Moshe Ndiki, who is expecting twins through surrogacy. The revelation took place during an episode of the family reality show, The Bala Family. Phelo claimed that Moshe deliberately chose his birthday to announce the pregnancy as a means to spite him.

Phelo’s Confession about His Feelings

Phelo Bala and Moshe Ndiki-Image Source@Instagram
Phelo Bala and Moshe Ndiki-Image Source@Instagram

After their wedding in 2019, Phelo and Moshe’s marriage faced challenges and eventually ended in a separation, attracting significant negative media attention. While Phelo had previously acknowledged that he still loved and cared for Moshe, he has now expressed his disappointment and anger towards his ex-partner.

Heartbreak and Hurt

During the latest episode of The Bala Family, Phelo disclosed his pain, stating that Moshe knew how much having children meant to him. The decision to announce the pregnancy on his birthday was a deliberate attempt to inflict emotional harm. “You could’ve chosen another day, but you just had to because you knew how that would make me feel,” he voiced his frustration.

Phelo admitted that this action has once again broken his heart, leaving him in a state of sadness and vulnerability.

Speculations on Phelo’s Emotions

Phelo Bala-Image Source@Instagram
Phelo Bala-Image Source@Instagram

Following the emotional revelation on the show, many viewers began speculating on Phelo’s current feelings towards Moshe. Some social media users interpreted his words as a sign that he might still have lingering emotions for his ex-partner.

Fans React and Take Sides

The episode sparked an outpouring of support for Phelo on various online platforms. Fans expressed sympathy and sent virtual hugs to the musician, indicating their concern for his well-being.

While some fans defended Phelo, criticizing Moshe’s insensitivity, others showed support for Moshe, asserting that he has the right to announce the pregnancy whenever he sees fit.

Despite the emotional turmoil, Phelo remains a beloved figure among his supporters, who admire his courage in openly discussing his feelings and vulnerabilities.

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