Pearl Thusi and Emtee-Image Source@InstagramPearl Thusi and Emtee-Image Source@Instagram

Pearl Thusi Ventures into Music and Hopes to Collaborate with Emtee

South African actress Pearl Thusi is making waves in the entertainment industry, continually pushing boundaries and daring to be different. Recently, her risqué outfit choices caught the attention of social media, sending her straight to the top of Twitter trends. Despite facing criticism for her bold fashion statements, the Queen Sono star remains unapologetic, standing tall and confident.

Pearl Thusi’s Interest in Music

Pearl Thusi and Emtee-Image Source@Instagram
Pearl Thusi and Emtee-Image Source@Instagram

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In a recent episode of DJ Fresh’s WAW What A Week podcast, Pearl Thusi revealed that she is exploring a new artistic venture—music. The multi-talented star has decided to step out of her comfort zone and delve into the world of music. While she has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time, she believes in continuously evolving and staying relevant.

Pearl Thusi’s Vision: Building an Empire

During the podcast interview, Pearl Thusi expressed her desire to create a lasting impact and build an empire of her own. She is determined to reduce her dependency on others and is striving to take control of her career. By focusing on personal projects, she aims to establish a strong foundation that will allow her to be more selective in the future collaborations she takes on.

Her Creative Endeavors

Pearl Thusi is not limiting herself to music alone. She is also venturing into various creative endeavors. One of her projects includes launching her own apparel line, showcasing her unique style and taste. Furthermore, she is exploring her storytelling abilities, both on and off-screen.

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Pearl Thusi and Emtee-Image Source@Instagram
Pearl Thusi and Emtee-Image Source@Instagram

Recently, she produced a short film titled “Her Perfect Life” in collaboration with Mo Abudu, which touches on the important and sensitive topics of depression and suicide. The film is expected to be showcased at various film festivals, showcasing Pearl’s passion for addressing important social issues through her art.

Pearl Thusi’s Hope for a Collaboration with Emtee

Among her future music aspirations, Pearl Thusi expressed her interest in collaborating with local artist Emtee. The rapper previously admitted to having a massive crush on the talented actress, making this potential collaboration even more exciting for fans.

Pearl Thusi’s journey into the music industry marks a significant chapter in her career, as she fearlessly explores new horizons and seeks to leave a lasting impact. Her dedication to building an empire and pursuing creative projects that hold personal meaning is commendable. As she ventures into the world of music, fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming releases and the potential collaboration with Emtee, which could bring together two powerhouse talents in the South African entertainment scene.

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