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Pearl Thusi Stars in Nigerian Short Film

South African actress and media personality Pearl Thusi is starring in a new Nigerian short film, “Her Perfect Life,” alongside Joseph Benjamin. The film revolves around the character of Onajide Ibrahim, a successful career woman with a flourishing business, loving spouse, and two intelligent children.

Despite her accomplishments, Onajide is considering suicide, and the film delves into her hidden mental health struggles. The film is part of a new film label founded by Nigerian media magnate Mo Abudu that aims to raise awareness of mental health, a topic that is often considered taboo in African society.

Pearl Thusi in Nigerian Film
Pearl Thusi in Nigerian Film-Image Source@Twitter

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Pearl Thusi’s New Gin Brand Takes Nigeria and South Africa by Storm

In addition to her acting career, Thusi recently released a new gin brand called Black Rose X Black Pearl. The gin has become popular not only in Nigeria but also in South Africa. The actress shared her excitement on social media, posting pictures of the gin and thanking fans for their support.

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Pearl Thusi Faces Invasive Parenting Questions on Instagram

Pearl Thusi and daughters
Pearl Thusi and her daughters-Image Source@Instagram

While Thusi has been away from South Africa for more than two months, she expressed her longing for her daughters on Instagram. However, some followers questioned why she only posted pictures of her daughter Thando and not her other daughter Okuhlekonke or both daughters together.

Thusi did not respond to the queries and kept the post, making it clear that she will not be questioned about her parenting style. She has previously spoken openly about parenting an adopted child and has said that Okuhlekonke will share her story when she is ready and mature enough to do so.


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