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Pearl Thusi Leaves Mzansi Bothered After Wearing Revealing Clothes To Murdah Bongz’s Party

South African actress Pearl Thusi has been trending on Twitter all week. This after photos of her outfit choice to musician Murdah Bongz’s birthday celebration went viral. In the snaps, Pearl can be seen wearing a mini skirt, black jacket and sheer top that completely revealed her breasts.

Controversial Outfit Stirs Social Media Backlash

The photo was severely criticised by social media users who slammed her as an attention-seeker. The star, however, quickly told her “haters” where to get off while adding that the nipple show was inspired by American singer Janelle Monae.

Shocking Photo of Pearl Thusi in revealing clothes

Most social media users couldn’t believe their eyes after a photo of Pearl Thusi wearing a completely sheer top with no bra on was shared online. The Queen Sono actress reportedly wore the outfit to Murdah Bongz’s birthday celebration that took place last week. Those who saw the post wasted no time slamming the mom-of-two for dressing inappropriately and being “hungry for attention”.

Pearl Thusi’s Response to the Criticism

Taking note of the criticism, Pearl beckoned those who had a problem with the photos to either unfollow or block her. She also added that the photos were a tribute to US songstress Janelle Monae.

“Don’t slide if you like reporting people. Unfollow me or block me so we can both mind our business. 🫶🏽

“This look was crafted to impress ONLY @janellemonae for her latest project which I’m obsessed with. I literally floated to the party – ask @thabsie_sa. Just missin’ some lipstick on my neck.”

She also defended her choice by saying, “Also – y’all need to stop acting like y’all ain’t seen my ladies in my movies already. Nothing new happening here. I even did the Marie Claire naked what what twice.”

Inspiration from Janelle Monae

Pearl Thusi’s outfit was inspired by the iconic style of American singer Janelle Monae. Monae is known for her bold fashion choices and body-positive messages. Thusi wanted to pay homage to Monae’s latest project, which she admires greatly.

Despite the backlash, Pearl Thusi remained unapologetic and stood her ground, expressing herself through her fashion choices.

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