Zozi Tunzi-Image Source@InstagramZozi Tunzi-Image Source@Instagram

Pageant Politics: Former Miss Universe Zozi Tunzi Unfollows Miss SA After Dress Drama

Rumours have been circulating that former Miss South Africa Zozi Tunzi did not attend the pageant finale due to a dispute over her wardrobe expenses. According to Zimoja, Tunzi was expected to cover her own wardrobe costs for the pageant reality TV show Crown Chasers. Zozi, who also won Miss Universe in 2019, has seemingly unfollowed the pageant on Instagram.

Zozi Tunzi’s No-Show at Miss SA

While many Miss SA alumni such as Tamryn Green, Cindy Nel, Tansey Coetzee, and Melinda Bam attended the pageant finale on Sunday, 13 August, Zozi Tunzi was not present. After hosting the six-part series Crown Chasers, the former queen played a significant role in the build-up to the finale. Interestingly, Zozi Tunzi did not post about the Miss SA finale and unfollowed the official account on Instagram.

Zozi Tunzi ditches Miss SA-Image Source@Instagram
Zozi Tunzi ditches Miss SA-Image Source@Instagram

Dress Dispute to Blame for Zozi Tunzi’s Absence?

According to Zimoja, Zozi Tunzi was allegedly asked to pay for her wardrobe expenses on Crown Chasers. An anonymous source told the publication: “That was not part of our agreement. I was working as a stylist for the show, I was not brought in by Zozi, and now I am being asked to invoice her.”

Crown Chasers Reality TV Show

Crown Chasers was a five-part series that provided viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the competition. Zozi was the show’s host, while Bonang Matheba and Leandie du Randt served as judges.

Miss SA Responds to Zozi Tunzi’s Absence

According to Zimoja, Zozi Tunzi’s manager Tumi Moema confirmed the dress dispute. He stated: “Zozi has nothing to do with the payment of the stylist. That was not our agreement. I will take it up with them.” The South African reached out to Miss SA for an official comment. In a statement, it said: “Zozibini Tunzi is an in-demand personality with a full schedule. Other than that, the Miss South Africa Organisation cannot speak to Ms Tunzi’s calendar or her social media activity. However, she is always welcomed and celebrated at any Miss South Africa event.” The statement continued: “The Miss South Africa Organisation entered into a comprehensive contract with Ms Tunzi and her management in respect of her services for Crown Chasers, and she has been paid in full accordingly. We hope that any issues her wardrobe suppliers may be having with her management in this regard are resolved soonest.”

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