Pabi Cooper-Image Source@InstagramPabi Cooper-Image Source@Instagram

Pabi Cooper Sparks BBL Rumours with Her Banging Body

Pabi Cooper, the rising amapiano star from South Africa, has recently captured the attention of her fans with her stunning hourglass figure. Speculations have arisen among her followers, suggesting that the 22-year-old musician may have undergone cosmetic surgery to achieve her perfect curves.

While some fans defended Cooper, claiming that her curves have always been natural, others pointed out that she may have simply gained weight. Let’s delve into the details and the mixed reactions surrounding Pabi Cooper’s recent body transformation.

Pabi Cooper’s BBL Speculations: A Viral Sensation

Pabi Cooper-Image Source(Instagram)
Pabi Cooper-Image Source(Instagram)

Since rumours of Pabi Cooper’s alleged romantic involvement with Focalistic emerged, social media users have been closely monitoring the star’s online presence. However, TimesLIVE reported that Cooper dismissed the dating rumours, clarifying that they were merely friends. Nevertheless, her recent TikTok cooking video, where she mentioned preparing a meal for her boyfriend, stirred up curiosity among her fans.

On June 7, Cooper took to Twitter to share some alluring pictures, causing a frenzy on the internet. Her followers couldn’t help but speculate whether she had undergone a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure to achieve her enhanced curves. The reaction from her fans was divided, with some believing she had joined the BBL trend among other celebrities, while others argued that her curves were simply the result of weight gain.

Mixed Reactions from Fans

As expected, social media was abuzz with discussions about Pabi Cooper’s eye-catching physique. Numerous users shared their opinions regarding her potential BBL surgery. @sbuumaseko jokingly suggested, “Oomff is probably getting cooked in a gc somewhere,” referring to Cooper’s mention of cooking for her boyfriend. On the other hand, @vendabutterr dismissed the BBL rumors, stating, “I don’t think it’s BBL; she’s just gaining.” Meanwhile, @BeingStank posed a playful question, asking Cooper directly, “Are you also BBL?”

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