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Open Mic Threatens To Sue Makhadzi After Showing Proof Of Payments

The ongoing feud between Venda chanter Makhadzi and Open Mic Productions has sparked widespread interest and speculation among fans. Open Mic Productions has claimed that they paid Makhadzi R8 million, and has demanded that she apologize for her social media accusations that she was not paid. However, Makhadzi has continued to assert that she has not received any payment from the production company and that they have been using her.

The Battle Between Makhadzi and Open Mic Productions

According to reports, Makhadzi allegedly blew through R8 million in just three years. The singer has been making headlines for her public feud with Open Mic, with the two parties trading accusations and counter-accusations on social media.

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Open Mic Productions is a well-known music production company that has worked with many popular South African musicians, including Master KG, Prince Kaybee, and Mampintsha. Makhadzi signed with the label in 2019 and released several hits under their banner.

Makhadzi-Image Source@Instagram

Makhadzi’s Allegations Against Open Mic Productions

Makhadzi has claimed that Open Mic took advantage of her and has been using her to make money without compensating her. She alleges that she has not been paid for any of her music, shows, or merchandise. The singer has also accused the label of controlling her life, dictating who she should associate with and where she should perform.

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Open Mic  threaten to sue Makhadzi in Response

Open Mic has denied all of Makhadzi’s allegations and has said that they have been paying her royalties for her music. The company has even provided bank statements to back up their claims.


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Open Mic has stated that Makhadzi owes them a public apology for her accusations, and has threatened legal action if she does not comply by Friday.

The Aftermath

The feud between Makhadzi and Open Mic has caused a stir on social media, with many fans taking sides and expressing their opinions. Some have criticized Makhadzi for her extravagant lifestyle, while others have supported her allegations against Open Mic.

Regardless of who is in the right, the ongoing feud is likely to have lasting consequences for both parties involved. It remains to be seen how the situation will be resolved, and what impact it will have on Makhadzi’s career going forward.

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