Emtee and AKA-Image Source@TwitterEmtee and AKA-Image Source@Twitter

‘One day I’ll be as big as AKA’ Emtee Talks About What He Aims To Achieve in His Career

On February 10, rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes tragically lost his life when he was gunned down outside a restaurant in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. AKA’s passing sent shockwaves throughout the music industry, leaving fans and fellow artists mourning the loss of a talented individual.

Emtee inspired by AKA’s career

Emtee and AKA-Image Source@Twitter
Emtee and AKA-Image Source@Twitter

Emtee, a highly celebrated rapper in Mzansi, recently expressed his admiration for AKA and his desire to achieve the same level of success in his own career. Taking to his social media timeline, Emtee shared his thoughts on the late rapper’s influence on the music industry.

Emtee wrote, “One day I’ll be as big as AKA,” acknowledging the giant that AKA was in the industry. Emtee recognized the significant impact AKA had and expressed his aspirations to reach similar heights.

AKA’s Last Album and Collaboration with Mzansi’s Hip Hop Talent

Prior to his untimely death, AKA completed his final album titled “Mass Country.” This highly anticipated album showcases the talent of some of Mzansi’s hottest hip hop artists, including Khuli Chana, Blxckie, Emtee himself, Yanga Chief, Sjava, and Nadia Nakai. AKA’s dedication to his craft is evident in this collaborative project, leaving a lasting imprint on the music scene.

Emtee and AKA-Image Source@Twitter
Emtee and AKA-Image Source@Twitter

Reactions on Social Media

Many people have taken to Emtee’s comment section and told him that he was almost there where some said he was already as big as AKA. Emtee has been interacting with his fans more ever since he had problems with his wife and filed for divorce.

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