The celebrations are on tonight for Lehasa’s homecoming, but new problems arise as Nothile sends him a text declaring her undying love.

Happiness is the day’s word in the Maphosa/Banda household, and Lehasa is the man of the moment.

The shocking “Not Guilty” Verdict is still the talk of the nation. It will take us a few months to recover from the trial and last night’s result.

Tonight it’s party Time, and all seems to be back in order, right? It seems we are wrong again.

Lehasa is receiving a text from an ex tonight, professing her undying love for him. Is it Lelo or Nothile?

Lehasa has had so many women and could be anyone, but judging from how he will respond, we have elected that it is Nothile because he hates Lelo.

So what does this mean for his arrangement with Pretty and Khwezi?
We know Khwezi will jump ship, but what is Pretty’s future?

The teasers haven’t said anything about a marriage proposal, so we are not expecting Lehasa to go down on one knee.

With Khwezi out of the picture, it will just be the two of them, which could be the problem.

The excitement of the trial has gone out of the window, and with no opposition from Khwezi, things could start to get boring with PreHasa!

Khwezi on Skeem Saam
Khwezi on Skeem Saam. Image: Instagram

Nothile could be the antidote for that. If she shows up all beautiful and wide-eyed, Lehasa could cave and then Pretty would go back to Turfloop with her tail tucked firmly between her legs.

The show’s viewers are conflicted on this one, with the majority still hung up on the fairytale PreHasa.

Is the fairytale PreHasa a reality we should forget so soon?

This would break many of the show’s fans’ hearts,  and Lehasa would be hated across the board for ditching Pretty after receiving so much support from her during his most challenging time.

Lehasa still needs to pay for the damages of impregnating Pretty as a sign of respect and according to the culture’s rules.

Lehasa and Nothile would have the most challenging relationship because Mavimbela hates Lehasa. Also, there is still the Khwezi issue, who is married to Lehasa and pregnant with his child. Nothile would have to deal with all of that mess.

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