Khumo strikes again, and this time she might have injured or, worse, killed someone again.

She has been terrorizing Gugu since she arrived at MMC. Gugu took matters into her own hands when Khumo threw her out of her office and demoted her to a smaller one.

Khumo labelled Gugu a mad woman and recommended she go for therapy after Gugu lost it and attacked her at the board meeting.

Last night Gugu decided to take back her power and fight dirty like Khumo has been doing.
Gugu dug up some dirt on Khumo from her in-laws.

Khumo called an emergency board meeting to ridicule Gugu, but it didn’t go as planned because Gugu suddenly received a text message from one of Khumo’s sisters-in-law and walked out of the meeting.

A few minutes later, Khumo received a text message warning her of Gugu’s activities.

She sent her cronies to go and threaten the sister-in-law, and when Gugu came back, things fell apart.

Gugu insisted on pursuing the truth and warned Khumo that she would uncover her secrets.

Khumo did not respond well to that news, warning Gugu and advising her to watch herself.

The conversation escalated quickly between the two, and things got physical; the next thing we saw was Khumo knocking Gugu out using a table artefact.

The last time we saw Gugu, she was lying on the floor unconscious, and Khumo was trying to come to terms with what she just did.

Gugu is not dead, but it might be because things go downhill for her from here.

As we reported, Khumo will end up putting Gugu in a mental institution. The question now is, what is Khumo afraid Gugu will discover about her from her in-laws?

We know that her husband has died and that she is not on good terms with her in-laws.
We also know that she can kill; she has already killed Moipone.

Khumo made it clear that her next victim was James after she was done with Gugu. She is going to go to jail and then start to poison Gugu.

Gugu will start hallucinating, and by next week she will start seeing a dead person; that’s when she will be committed to a mental institution.

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