Nonku Williams and Dumisani-Image Source(Instagram)Nonku Williams and Dumisani-Image Source(Instagram)

Off The Market: RHOD Reality Star Nonku Williams Gets Engaged

Nonku Williams, a reality TV star and businesswoman from The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD), recently got engaged to her partner, Dumisani Ndlazi.

The engagement was a surprise, with Dumisani proposing to Nonku in a well-decorated venue with candles and flower petals and the words “Marry Me” in the background.

Reality TV star Nonku Williams gets engaged to Dumisani Ndlazi.

Nonku Williams’ relationship with Dumisani Ndlazi has been under public scrutiny from the beginning. Some people criticized her on social media for dating Dumisani, who was accused of being an alleged rapist and a scammer.

Nonku Williams and Dumisani-Image Source(Instagram)
Nonku Williams and Dumisani-Image Source(Instagram)

However, Nonku defended her boyfriend in an interview, saying that she knows everything about him and would not leave him based on social media allegations.

The reality Television star is a single mother who is also a serial businesswoman. She is a millionaire in her own right and has been in the limelight for some time now. Nonku shares a child with the late gospel musician Sifiso Ncwane. She also has an ex-husband whom she shares two of her other kids with.

Nonku Williams’ fans congratulated her on her engagement, but some have advised her to get a prenup. They predict that the relationship will not end well, and Dumisani may scam her. Nonetheless, Nonku’s fans also asked her not to change her surname after getting married.

Below are some of the comments on Nonku’s engagement:


Can she just get prenup 🙈


It’s a scam Nonku


It’s giving that doctors vibes whose man is all over the news but Aredzi


MaWilliam’s in everything you do please don’t change that surname.

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