Nzuzo Njilo and Co-accusedNzuzo Njilo and co-accused Kwanda-Image Source@Instagram

Nzuzo Njilo and Kwanda Ntshangase Appear In Court For Fraud

Nzuzo Njilo, the husband of media personality Faith Nketsi-Njilo, and his business associate Kwanda Ntshangase have appeared in the Port Sheptone Magistrates court for allegedly defrauding an unsuspecting businessman of a substantial amount of money. The duo is facing charges of fraud after posing as truck salesman to the buyer. Upon payment, the truck was never delivered, and the accused disappeared.

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Arrest and Alleged Sale of Property

After a warrant for his arrest was issued, Nzuzo Njilo surrendered to the authorities last week. Following his arrest, Ntshangase handed himself to the police on April 20, 2023. The couple’s rented mansion in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, which has been on sale since last year, was reportedly sold over a month ago. The City Press reported that the couple vacated the property amidst the warrant of arrest.

Nzuzo Njilo and Kwanda
Nzuzo Njilo and Kwanda-Image Source@Instagram

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More Alleged Scammed Victims Speak Out

Mala Gwarube and Melfred Dube recently spoke to Zimoja Lezinto about their experiences with Njilo’s alleged scams in the past. Gwarube, who hails from East London in the Eastern Cape, said that she was scammed of her brand-new Renault horse and trailer truck in 2020. She signed a contract with Luntu of Maxbu Projects, a company owned by Njilo’s business partner, in which she leased her truck to him, and the company paid her R90 000 every month. However, she never received any payment, and the company owed her for almost three years.

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Nzuzo Njilo and Kwanda Ntshangase are facing charges of fraud after allegedly scamming an unsuspecting businessman. Following Njilo’s arrest, the couple reportedly vacated their Hyde Park residence, which had been on sale since last year. Moreover, more alleged scammed victims have come forward, revealing how they were duped by Njilo’s business partner in the past.

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