Ntsiki Mazwai Fires Shots At AKA

Ntsiki Mazwai attacks AKA’s rapping game!

Controversial poet and activist Ntsiki Mazwai has come for local hip-hop star AKA, questioning his rapping skills. In a Twitter discussion about the state of local hip-hop, the urongo hitmaker said AKA was not a strong rapper.

@ntsikimazwai: “I must admit… I don’t think aka is a strong rapper. At all.”

One of AKA’s many fans came to his defense, describing the rapper as a versatile artist who appeals to a diversity of audiences, transcending the limitations set by genre boundaries.

@Snjubareni: “He’s an all-rounder even maskandi fans loves his music.”

Mazwai remained unconvinced and stood her ground, crediting pretty privilege and good English for AKA’s success in the South African music industry.

@ntsikimazwai: “He is light-skinned and confident and speaks good English… That combination works in SA. “

Though she gave credit to local artists for having talent better than most famous hip-hop artists in America, the strongly opinionated poet who is known for her radical views as an advocate for African history, tradition, and culture, slammed the local hip-hop scene, accusing the industry of mimicking American culture.

@ntsikimazwai: “Lots of local rappers are better than mainstream Americans but ke according to mental slavery…. We are still Deputy Americans.”

Ntsiki shot to fame in the music industry as a featured artist on Dj Glen Lewis’s album called Sisters in Songs which was released in 2004 on a track titled Light up Life. The successful release of Urongo on DJ Fresh’s Definition of House vol. 3 came the following year and went on to become the country’s biggest selling song of 2005. She has since become one of Fresh’s biggest critics after the DJ was accused of sexual abuse. The animosity between the duo ended up in the Johannesburg High Court, which decided Ntsiki was irresponsible for calling DJ Fresh a rapist on social media. The allegations have however resurfaced, resulting in the DJ parting ways with his employer Primedia yesterday after a brief suspension.

There’s more behind Ntsiki’s tenacious online persona. Ntsiki is a gender-based violence activist, a published author who graduated Cum Laude with her Master’s of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Rhodes University in 2016. The 40-year-old Sowetan-born poet was born to politically active parents, her mother is the late Belede Mazwai, and her father Dr. Thami Mazwai. She also has two siblings who are also recognizable figures in the SA entertainment industry, pop and jazz singer Thadiswa Mazwai who was the lead vocalist of iconic 90’s music group Bongo Muffin, as well as poet and vocalist Nomsa Mazwai better known as Nomi Supasta. 


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