Noxolo Maqhashalala’s Cause Of Death Revealed, Family Opens Up About Why ‘They Never Checked Up On Her’

Noxolo Maqhashalala's Cause Of Death Revealed,
Noxolo Maqhashalala’s Cause Of Death Revealed

The South African actress whose death remained a mystery will be buried this Friday in KwaBhaca, her family has revealed.

Eastern Cape-born actress Noxolo Maqashalala died some time earlier this month although her body was only discovered at her home in Johannesburg on Friday. The actress was 44 years old.

Her death was only discovered after someone went to her home to deliver a package. The person alerted the authorities after they realised that there was something off about the situation.

Preliminary forensics at that time claimed she seemed to have been dead for a week by the time she was found.

And this brought her family under fire from social media users who were concerned why they were not checking up on her all along.

Her family finally came forward about the reasons why they were not checking up on her.

A family spokesperson, Pastor Khabo Nyikiza revealed that Noxolo stayed in a gated community where it was hard for anyone to visit without the tenant or owner’s confirmation.

It is said that they had earlier tried calling her phone but it was not getting answered.

Her brother then tried visiting her but could not get through because he was barred by the security at the gate since his sister could not confirm by phone that she knew him and would like to get him inside.

After the Diamond City actress was discovered in the house, reports by the Police spokesperson captain Balan Muthan indicated that there was no foul play in her death.

The family has also revealed that the post mortem results reaffirmed that her cause of death was natural, and nothing else.

Noxolo will be buried this Friday in Eastern Cape, while her memorial service is set for March 24 at the Market Theatre.

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