Cassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee-Image Source@InstagramCassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee-Image Source@Instagram

‘Nothing under R2.5 million’ Prince Kaybee’s Conditions For Stepping Into The Ring With Cassper Nyovest

Prince Kaybee has addressed the ongoing feud between himself and rapper Cassper Nyovest, shedding light on what it would take to convince him to participate in a boxing match with his rival. Over the years, the two stars have publicly exchanged insults, leaving fans eagerly anticipating a showdown in the boxing ring.

During a recent interview on The POPcast, the renowned DJ and producer expressed his willingness to engage in a fight with Cassper, but under specific circumstances. Kaybee made it clear that the deciding factor would be the compensation offered.

Prince Kaybee’s demands revealed as conditions for a fight with Cassper

“If there was a good number, I would get in the ring. It’s not a good number. Cassper’s team sent an email to my team saying something like R500,000. I’m not going to get in the ring for R500,000,” he stated.

Cassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee-Image Source@Instagram
Cassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee-Image Source@Instagram

Kaybee emphasized that he doesn’t take the animosity between himself and Cassper personally, considering it all to be mere banter. He recalled a lighthearted encounter with Cassper at an airport, where he found amusement in the situation, whereas Cassper seemed genuinely serious. Furthermore, Kaybee affirmed that even if the fight were to happen, he would maintain a similar nonchalant attitude. However, he emphasized the need for proper compensation, mentioning his desired amount: R2.5 million.

Cassper Nyovest’s Upcoming Matches

On the other hand, Cassper Nyovest has expressed his eagerness to engage in a boxing match with Prince Kaybee, although he has other fights lined up first. Currently, he awaits a rematch with NaakMusiQ and a bout with Big Zulu.

On Twitter, Cassper confirmed his commitment to the rematch with NaakMusiQ, as the initial fight proved to be highly entertaining. He also mentioned that arranging this rematch would be relatively easier compared to the desired face-off with Prince Kaybee. Cassper tweeted, “The fight that I really want is … Prince Kaybee — and he will run forever, so might as well do the rematch so long.”

Additionally, Big Zulu has shown interest in stepping into the ring with Cassper. After winning his first boxing match against Brian Dings, known for his role as a bodyguard on the reality show “Uyajola 9/9” on Moja Love, Big Zulu felt confident about challenging Cassper.

While Cassper acknowledged Big Zulu’s skills, he remained unperturbed by his opponent’s size advantage. Cassper stated that Big Zulu relied heavily on his right punch, and despite witnessing his knockout power, Cassper wasn’t overly concerned about the weight difference.

Responding to Cassper’s comments, Big Zulu eagerly awaited a date confirmation for the fight, as he was already in the process of preparing for it.

“It would be easy if you can just announce a date — and then say whatever else you want to say,” Big Zulu replied.

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