Nota Baloyi’s Wife Lashes Out At Trolls Amidst Nota’s Beef

Nota Baloyi has been in the tabloids of late and not for the nicest of reasons. The rapper has instigated and started beef with musicians and rappers alike such as Nasty C, Kwesta, Big Zulu and Dj Black Coffee.

Nota Baloyi was allegedly let go at Buttabing as they claim that he took all that he was working on with Kwesta as Urbantainment and begun looking for an alternaqtive licensing deal. The rapper had the following to say about the ordeal,

” After Buttabing I took everything I was working on w/ Kwesta as “Urbantainment” and started looking for a licensing deal… I went to Universal via Pheko & Mothusi, I went Just Music then owned by Karl Anderson as well as Sony where I met with the A&R that taught me the business. “

Nota further went on to say that there was a lack of trust between him and the recording company which then pushed him to act in the manner he did. And of late, Nota has also been having beef with Big Zulu, as he passed speculative comments about Rap Lyf. Nota tweeted,

“@BigZulu_ZN better watch his back, front and his side because he’s out there riding in the Rap Lyf bus, recording his album at Rap Lyf Studios, he doesn’t know what he’s got himself into.”

Big Zulu however wasnt amused at his opinionated remark and urged the rapper to keep him out of his personal agendas in a since deleted tweet saying,

“Ngicela ungafaki igama lam, ungafaki igama le Nkabi Records entweni zenu. Akuyona yonke impi ephelela ephepheni.”

Another unamused party is Nota Baloyi’s wife Berita who got hitched to the rapper last year. Unfrotunately for her, she also finds her name getting dragged in her hubby’s mess for the simple fact that the two are married and she appears to have had enough of the trolling that has absolutely nothing to with her. Check out her tweet below,

Nota Baloyi's Wife


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