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Nota Baloyi’s AKA Social Media Posts Land Him Behind Bars

Music executive Nota Baloyi who is well known for his controversial views has been convicted of contempt of court by the Johannesburg High Court. He is set to spend 60 days in prison.

The court’s decision comes after Baloyi disregarded a court order obtained by musician K.O, which demanded that he stop spreading defamatory statements on social media regarding K.O’s alleged involvement in the assassination of hip hop artist AKA.

Baloyi’s disregard for the court order led to the ruling on Thursday.

According to Sunday World, the order reads in parts:

“The Sheriff of the court and the South African Police Service are directed to take the respondent into custody and to deliver the respondent to the Leeuwkop Prison or any other prison within Gauteng for a period of sixty days,” reads the order.

The musician known for the hit song SETE, K.O, had obtained a court order after Nota Baloyi made allegations on social media on February 10th accusing K.O and his family of being involved in the murder of rapper AKA.

Despite the court order, Baloyi has continued to make these claims on his Instagram page, refusing to comply with the court’s instructions.

Baloyi has specifically accused K.O’s brother, Siya Mdluli, who was AKA’s road manager at the time of his murder, of being involved in the crime.

Baloyi believes that Mdluli and K.O conspired together and were therefore implicated in the rapper’s death.

“I told you who my first five suspects are, in fact, my first six suspects. My other suspect is K.O because K.O has not answered for why his brother watched AKA die.

“Siya said K.O’s brother, blood brother, Mdluli K.O, sent his brother to set AKA up. You understand. Don’t let the families of K.O, Siya and everything get away with this,” reads Baloyi’s post, whose copies are attached to the papers.

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