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Nota Baloyi Dragged As Fans Tease Jah Prayzah As Berita’s New Love Interest

South Africa-based Zimbabwean songstress Berita has caused a stir on social media after posting a photo of herself with fellow Zimbabwean artist Jah Prayzah.

The two artists have hinted at a possible collaboration, and fans have been quick to express their excitement and anticipation for what could be a highly-anticipated musical project.

Berita and Jah Prayzah’s Musical Collab Sparks Hilarious Responses from Fans, Leaving Nota Baloyi as the Punchline

While some fans were eagerly anticipating the potential musical collaboration between Berita and Jah Prayzah, others took the opportunity to poke fun at Berita’s ex-husband Nota Baloyi.

Nota has been outspoken about his feelings toward Berita since their breakup, and it seems fans couldn’t resist teasing him in response to the news.

Berita Jah Prayzah nota

Some fans even joked suggesting that Berita and Jah Prayzah would make a great couple and speculating about what their future children might look like.

Some joked that Nota would be left traumatized by the sight of Berita and Jah Prayzah together, while others suggested that he would be consumed with jealousy at the prospect of his ex-wife working with another musician.

The playful banter between fans only added to the excitement surrounding the potential collaboration between Berita and Jah Prayzah.
Check out some of the reactions from Twitter;


The GOAT Nota ain’t Finna be happy bout this 😭


Nota is going to lose it…modimo wa gotso. He is just going to set the TL on fire with anger and make us know how much of a loser Jahprayzah is in his eyes🙈😬


🔥 🔥…. I like everything 🥹🥹the collab… the marriage… and I bet I’m gonna like the kids too. Start cooking kids…we waiting 😍😍🤌🏾🤌🏾


Nota must be shaking


🔥🔥🔥… fire emojis for you guys to be a couple 😍😍


I’m sure Nota is in ICU right now


Plissss berita do a
Video call to Nota while kissing Jah 😩😩

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