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‘Not your friend’ DJ Tira Slams Ukhozi FM Presenter Ngizwe Mchunu Live On Stage

South African musician DJ Tira has come guns blazing for Ukhozi FM presenter Ngizwe Mchunu who allegedly insulted him on social media. Ngizwe reportedly accused Tira of exploiting his late friend Mampintsha’s wife Babes Wodumo. He also threw shade at Tira’s alcoholic drink which he said “doesn’t taste good.”

DJ Tira Takes a Stand at the Nkosinathi Mgcabangelwa Cele Tournament 2023

DJ Tira, also known as Mthokozi Khathi, did not hold back after getting the opportunity to “face” Ukhozi FM radio presenter Ngizwe Mchunu. The incident took place at the Nkosinathi Mgcabangelwa Cele Tournament 2023, which Ngizwe was hosting.

DJ Tira-Image Source@Instagram
DJ Tira-Image Source@Instagram

Demanding an Apology

Tira took to the stage and addressed Ngizwe directly, demanding an apology for the accusations made against him. He also made it clear that he was not friends with Ngizwe and criticized him for spreading false information.

Speaking in isiZulu, Tira expressed his frustration and urged Ngizwe to stop spreading nonsense about him. He emphasized his own hard work and success, stating, “Mina imali ngiy’phantela (I hustle for my own money). I created my own cider that people are loving, and then you come talk sh*t.”

Confronting the Disrespect

Tira further expressed his displeasure, addressing Ngizwe directly, “Uyangijwayel (you’re disrespecting me). I’m not your friend. Stop introducing me, Tira this Tira that, and marketing me, if you’re talking sh*t. I’ll tell you to your face, you’re talking sh*t.”

DJ Tira made it clear that he was not willing to tolerate false accusations and disrespect. He demanded an apology from Ngizwe and called him out for his inappropriate comments.

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