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‘Not Worth It’ Faith Nketsi Reacts To News Of Her Divorce

Faith Nketsi, an influencer and reality TV star, has denied reports that she and her husband, Nzuzo Njilo, have separated.

The couple, who got married in April last year and have a daughter together named Sky, were rumored to have split after Nketsi moved out of their home in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, three weeks ago.

Fans speculated that the couple had broken up when Nketsi dropped her husband’s surname on Instagram. Nketsi, however, laughed off the claims and said that responding to them was “not worth it.”

Faith nketsi
Faith Nketsi reacts to separation rumours-Source(Twitter)

According to a close friend of Nketsi, she has returned to her old job as a hostess in nightclubs to make ends meet. The friend revealed that Nketsi moved out of the matrimonial home and has gone back to hosting clubs again with her friend Kim Kholiwe.

Faith Nketsi Finally reacts to news of her marriage falling apart

The friend said that Nketsi has put herself out there once again for the work that she used to do before she got married. Another friend alleged that the couple was going through financial trouble. Njilo reportedly owes two of his business partners close to R1 million and is currently involved in a legal battle with them. The source further claimed that the couple had to sell Nketsi’s Jeep to settle the debt.

Faith Nketsi said that the news was not worth replying to after a Tweep said that she was probably at home cuddling with her husband and laughing at the news of separation. People are now asking that she should address the rumors and clear the air by telling the world that they are not separated but she just laughed it off and said it was not worth her time.

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