Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson-Image Source@InstagramNonku Williams and Jojo Robinson-Image Source@Instagram

Nonku Williams Adds a New BMW M8 Worth R3 Million to Her Car Collection

The 43-year-old reality star, Nonku Williams, known for her appearance on “The Real Housewives of Durban,” has recently purchased a brand new car worth approximately R3 million. Williams, a lady who adores riding big wheels, has been making quite a splash with her lavish car collection, and her latest acquisition is no exception.

Jojo Robinson Impressed by Nonku’s New Ride

Sharing the exciting news on her Instagram, Nonku’s close friend and fellow “The Real Housewives of Durban” star, Jojo Robinson, expressed her delight and admiration for the new purchase. The two women share a mutual love for expensive cars, and Jojo herself drives a stunning yellow beast, adding to their bond.

Jojo couldn’t contain her excitement and shared a heartwarming message alongside a picture of the two friends together. She congratulated Nonku on her new BMW M8 and conveyed her pride and love for her. Jojo eagerly looks forward to their future journeys together in their luxurious rides.

Nonku’s Latest Addition: A Grey BMW M8

The grey BMW M8 purchased by Nonku Williams comes with a price tag of around R3.3 million, as revealed by BMW South Africa. Nonku’s response to Jojo’s congratulatory message was filled with happiness and gratitude. She mentioned that her success was a result of silent but impactful efforts, indicating that she has worked hard to achieve her dreams.

Her fans flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages and expressions of joy for her impressive purchase. Nonku’s rise to success and her ability to indulge in such luxury have earned her immense support from her followers.

Nonku Williams-Image Source@Instagram
Nonku Williams-Image Source@Instagram

Nonku’s Lavish Car Collection

Nonku Williams isn’t one to shy away from displaying her achievements to the public. Alongside her new BMW M8, the vibrant actress boasts an impressive collection of expensive cars and trucks.

In December 2022, she made headlines when she acquired the BMW i8, valued at R2 million at the time of purchase. Her love for extravagant vehicles didn’t stop there, as she later added a stylish truck to her collection, which resonated well with her business endeavors.

Nonku Williams also takes pride in driving other high-end vehicles like the Range Rover, solidifying her status as a true car enthusiast with impeccable taste.

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