Gayton McKenzie cancels trips for super fans-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Newly appointed Minister of Sports, Arts, and Culture, Gayton McKenzie, has sparked a social media frenzy by terminating all travel benefits for super fans.

Since his recent appointment, McKenzie has been implementing significant changes within the ministry, causing a stir among the public. Super fans like Mama Joy, who previously enjoyed luxurious travel and accommodations to attend major sporting events, have now been deprived of these benefits.

Minister Gayton McKenzie cancels funded super fans trips

McKenzie took to his X account to declare the cancellation of all funded trips for super fans. He stated that the Ministry of Sports would redirect these funds to support struggling athletes and artists.

“I have stopped all trips for super fans. We have athletes and artists who are struggling to raise money to attend sporting events and exhibitions. How do we justify paying for fans? We shall no longer be paying for these trips and will use that money where it’s needed the most.”

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Public Reaction

South Africans have overwhelmingly supported McKenzie’s decision, praising his initiative to prioritize athletes and artists over super fans. However, some social media users have taken the opportunity to poke fun at Mama Joy, suggesting her days of enjoying such privileges are over.

Social Media Comments

  • @Lasto04: No trips for Mama Joy. The hunger she’s about to experience… but we will be there.
  • @StHonorable: Things are getting ugly for Mama Joy. Time for free trips and sleeping in 5-star hotels is over. Sir Gayton is cleaning his department.
  • @MSFC: Mama Joy was so happy, not knowing that’s the end of her free meals.
  • @mr_shimmy: Mama Joy was starting to be arrogant. I don’t feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for Botha. I hope PSL/DSTV can sponsor him to attend soccer matches.
  • @b3l_Air: SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! If we NEVER see that ANC Cadre Mama Joy again, I would be SO happy!!!!!
  • @sewelankoana: I never thought I’d clap hands for you, but today is that day. This nonsense of luxury trips for super fans and certain celebrities must end. Many schools in rural areas need sports facilities. Kids play soccer in dusty playgrounds with no soccer poles while some fans/celebrities use that money for flights, luxury accommodation, and champagne. Well done, sir, on this decision. We support it 100%. You are on the right track.


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