Mihlali Ndamase new Benz-Image Source(Instagram)Mihlali Ndamase new Benz-Image Source(Instagram)

No More Repossessed Rides: Mihlali Ndamase Cruises in Style with New R2.5 million Mercedes Benz

Mihlali Ndamase recently had her Range Rover repossessed, which caused a stir on social media. It was reported that Gauteng businessman Leeroy Sidambe purchased the car for his then-wife Mary Jane as a gift for their anniversary.

After they separated, he returned the car and gave it to his new partner, Mihlali Ndamase. The social media personality would be seen driving the car, which did not sit well with Mary Jane. Mary Jane and her friends attacked Mihlali on social media and aired all her private business.

Social media users were on Mary Jane’s side, trolling Mihlali for dating a married man and taking over another woman’s life. Leeroy was the one who put out a press statement saying that Mihlali was being hated for loving him, and he was apologetic towards her.

Mihlali Ndamase replaces repossessed Range Rover with slick Mercedes Benz

However, the court-mandated Leeroy to return the Range Rover Sport to his ex-wife, leaving Mihlali as a laughing stock on social media. Others even thought she was now a pedestrian, but Mihlali had her own cars before dating Leeroy.

Just weeks after returning the car, Mihlali purchased a new R2.5 million Mercedes-Benz, which she showed off on Instagram. In a series of posts, she showed off her new car, and from her posts, it seems she had bought it for herself.

She thanked God for blessing her hard work and thanked the car dealership for their service. Rumours on social media suggested that Mihlali was now a pedestrian, but she proved them wrong by purchasing a new car.

Many fans and other celebrities were in her comment section congratulating her on the new purchase.

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