Shaun Stylist-Image Source@InstagramShaun Stylist-Image Source@Instagram

‘New Chapter’ Shaun Stylist Signs With Warner Music Africa

Shaun Andile Naki, widely known as Shaun Stylist, has embarked on an exciting new journey in his music career as he finds a new home at Warner Music Africa. With his distinctive fashion sense and charismatic personality, Shaun has garnered a significant following as a fashionista, influencer, and successful businessman.

A Musical Passion from a Young Age

Shaun’s love for music dates back to his childhood days when he would sing church hymns during Sunday school. This early exposure to music ignited a passion within him that continues to grow stronger with time.

Shaun Stylist-Image Source@Instagram
Shaun Stylist-Image Source@Instagram

Rising Star in the Music Scene

Shaun’s music career has been rapidly gaining momentum, particularly following the release of his hit singles, “Oskae Beya Fatshe” and “Uyabizwa” in 2022. These tracks have captivated audiences and showcased Shaun’s unique style and musical talent.

However, Shaun’s ambitions extend beyond his personal success. He emphasizes the importance of nurturing new talent and providing opportunities for aspiring artists.

A Platform for Emerging Artists

As Shaun joins forces with Warner Music Africa, he is dedicated to creating a platform for budding musicians.

“This collaboration needs to give a platform for new kids; that’s how we’re going to expand, that’s how we’re going to grow the amapiano genre. I aim to break records and dominate the charts. I want this moment to be an inspiration to anyone out there to dream big,” expressed Shaun with enthusiasm.

Shaun Stylist-Image Source@Instagram
Shaun Stylist-Image Source@Instagram

Excitement at Warner Music Africa

Gareth Brown, the Creative Lead at Warner Music Africa, expressed his delight at the partnership and Shaun’s new venture into the music industry.

“Shaun Stylist is widely recognized as a trailblazer in the fashion and social media influencer sphere. His foray into music is incredibly exciting as it showcases his versatility, creativity, and immense talent. His upcoming music will undoubtedly make a significant impact in the amapiano landscape, not only locally but on a global scale as well. I eagerly anticipate the world hearing what Shaun has been working on,” shared Gareth with anticipation.

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