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“National Lunch Date Loading”| Makhadzi Shoots Her Shot At social Media star Mr Smeg

South African musician Makhadzi has now shifted her focus from Master KG and expressed interest in social media influencer Mr Smeg.

In January, Makadzi and her long-time boyfriend Master KG ended their relationship.

Master KG, who is known for his hit song Jerusalema, announced the breakup on Facebook but assured fans that they would continue to work together and remain friends.

Initially, Makhadzi denied that the couple had split and attributed it to a typing error. However, she later confirmed that they had indeed separated.

She also shared screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation on Instagram, where she confronted him for cheating.

Makhadzi is now back on the dating scene and actively searching for new love, taking control of her own romantic journey.

Makhadzi Crushing on Mr Smeg

Yesterday, Mr Smeg posted a stylish picture of himself wearing a sleek blue designer suit while standing in front of a Mercedes Benz.

After taking note of Mr Smeg’s stunning photo, Makhadzi wasted no time and slid into the comments, reminding him of a time when he expressed interest in her.

Makhadzi tweeted:

“The time you wanted me, I was with someone who wanted me. So that someone doesn’t want [me], do you still want me?”

Mr Smeg was thrilled and responded:

“Hey @MakhadziSA, Your beauty never stops glowing. You are beautiful in every way, such Talent and Intelligence. You are worth the name, and you are worth the status. May I take you out for lunch?”

As of now, Makhadzi has not yet accepted Mr Smeg’s invitation for a lunch date. However, Mr Smeg has been sharing pictures of Makhadzi on his Twitter handle since yesterday.

The social media world is buzzing with excitement as Makhadzi takes her shot at Mr Smeg.


“Trust me, he wanted you.”


“Bro @MichaelBucwa, did you just dress nicely, go to a dealership and take pictures next to an expensive car, and all of that has resulted in you taking makhadzi out for lunch? Smh. Good strategy, though.”


“Take our Queen Out, and Please do a Live Video for the whole date, @MichaelBucwa we just wanna see her happy…😍”

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