Nadia Nakai and DJ Zinhle-Image Source@InstagramNadia Nakai and DJ Zinhle-Image Source@Instagram

Nadia Nakai Reveals DJ Zinhle Got Her To Meet Kairo Forbes

The bond between rapper Nadia Nakai and her late boyfriend AKA’s daughter, Kairo Forbes, is undeniable. In a recent interview on L-Tido’s YouTube podcast, Nadia revealed how Kairo’s mother, DJ Zinhle, played a crucial role in facilitating their first meeting.

Building a Beautiful Relationship

Despite the circumstances, Nadia and Kairo have formed a beautiful relationship. Nadia shared that she had only met DJ Zinhle twice when the Umlilo hitmaker asked her about babysitting Kairo. It was during a Fashion Week launch when DJ Zinhle expressed her comfort with Nadia spending time with her daughter. This led to Nadia meeting Kairo just two days later, marking the beginning of their bond.

Nadia Nakai and Kairo Forbes-Image Source@Instagram
Nadia Nakai and Kairo Forbes-Image Source@Instagram

“She is the Sweetest Girl”

Nadia described Kairo as the sweetest girl and expressed her admiration for her considerate nature. Even in the early stages of their relationship, Kairo would check on Nadia if she sensed any sadness. Despite her own loss, Kairo demonstrated empathy and continued to show concern for Nadia’s well-being. Nadia expressed gratitude for the opportunity to build a relationship with Kairo while AKA was still alive, as Kairo spent a lot of time with them. Nadia acknowledged DJ Zinhle’s support and emphasized the importance of her comfort in allowing their connection to flourish.

A Lasting Connection

Nadia Nakai and Kairo Forbes-Image Source@Instagram
Nadia Nakai and Kairo Forbes-Image Source@Instagram

Nadia feels blessed that Kairo has not been completely removed from her life. She cherishes the special bond they share and expressed her anticipation of Kairo eventually calling her aunty. Their relationship has brought comfort and joy to both of them, allowing them to navigate their shared grief while supporting one another.

A Heartwarming Moment

The strength of their bond was evident during AKA’s memorial service when Kairo approached Nadia with compassion, comforting her in her time of sorrow. This touching moment touched the hearts of many South Africans who witnessed the genuine connection between the two.

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