Mzansi Youth Choir on AGT-Image Source@TwitterMzansi Youth Choir on AGT-Image Source@Twitter

Mzansi Youth Choir Makes History on America’s Got Talent

The award-winning Mzansi Youth Choir made history when it performed on America’s Got Talent and received the first-ever group golden buzzer during the show’s 18th season.

Dressed in white, the choir received a roaring cheer from the audience as they performed Nightbirde’s “It’s Ok,” bringing judge Simon Cowell to tears. He described it as the “perfect audition.”

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An Emotional Moment on Stage

With the audience cheering in the background, the choristers were also brought to tears as host Terry Crews joined the judges on stage. Together, they pressed the golden buzzer, automatically advancing the choir to the semi-finals in August. Golden confetti rained over the choir as they celebrated this milestone achievement.

Mzansi Youth Choir on AGT-Image Source@Twitter
Mzansi Youth Choir on AGT-Image Source@Twitter

A Tribute to Nightbirde

Elaborating on their song choice, the choir expressed their desire to pay tribute to Nightbirde for her composition of “It’s Ok.” Unfortunately, Nightbirde, a contestant from the show’s 16th season, passed away in February 2022 due to weakened health after cancer treatment.

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Advancing to the Semi-Finals

Thanks to the group golden buzzer, the Mzansi Youth Choir automatically secured a spot in the semi-finals scheduled for August 2023. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the choir members.

“This was an incredible experience for the choir members who work very hard and finally handled that pressure with such grace,” said Alfred Phakathi, the artistic director and choreographer of Mzansi Youth Choir. “It was an immeasurable experience for each of them and also for their proud families at home.”

Watch the Performance Here:

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