Mzansi Unhappy With Cassper Nyovest’s Reason For Skipping AKA’s Funeral

South Africans have expressed dissatisfaction with Cassper Nyovest’s explanation for why he will not attend his long-time rival AKA’s memorial and funeral services.

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Cassper received praise for his maturity after paying respects to AKA’s family and his recent instruction to fans to show love to the late rapper’s family has earned him more support and admiration.

However, the announcement by Cassper Nyovest that he will not be present at AKA’s memorial and funeral services on Friday and Saturday, respectively, has received a negative response.

Many have expressed disapproval of his decision not to attend the public memorial service.

The rapper cited his unavailability in South Africa as the reason for his absence, and added that if he had not already made prior commitments, he would have attended both events.

On Twitter, Cassper Nyovest expressed that despite their longstanding rivalry, he would have liked to honor AKA’s memory and the impact he made on the music industry by attending his memorial and funeral services. He wrote:

Unfortunately, I’ll be out of the country for work but if I was around I would’ve went. I would’ve went to the funeral too. No matter how you look at it, me and Kiernan shared a lot of great moments together and he contributed to my industry so I have to pay my respects.

Cassper Nyovest’s reason for not attending AKA’s memorial and funeral failed to resonate with South Africans who made their disapproval known in the comments. Below are some of the responses to Nyovest’s tweet:


Very disappointed Casper. I was hoping that you’d there just to show the people of South Africa that there so-called beef between the two of you was not that deep…if it was real at all. But anyway I understand my brother.


I know there are 95% chances that you won’t read my comment but I wish to advise to cancel the business trip and visit the family, attend the memorial as well as the funeral. An African man know what’s best at this point. May peace be unto you

However, some of his fans defended the Malume rapper’s decision to honour a prior business arrangement.


So to some people Casper must prove his love for AKA by force by cancelling work? Casper can come back, go & visit the family to share in their pain. NOT attending the funeral doesn’t mean one doesn’t care especially if he has pressing commitments, he can visit the family later


All of you saying “cancel the trip”… many of you are gonna take a leave from work to attend?

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