Mzansi Shocked As Dr. Nandipha Ropes In Hot-Shot Advocate Anton Katz

South Africans are in a state of astonishment as Nandipha Magudumana, believed to be a co-conspirator of Thabo Bester, has taken everyone by surprise by securing the legal representation of renowned advocate Anton Katz.

Katz is widely recognized for his exceptional knowledge and specialization in international law.

The celebrity aesthetics doctor is making an audacious move to challenge the legality of her arrest in Tanzania last month.

Anton Katz’s decision to represent the woman associated with convicted rapist, murderer, and fraudster Thabo Bester has caught the public off guard.

Bester infamously faked his death and managed to escape from his confinement at the Mangaung Correctional Centre on May 3, 2022, with the assistance of former G4S employees, his partner Nandipha, and her father, Zolile Cornelius Sekeleni.

Over a year later, Thabo Bester and Nandipha find themselves in court, facing charges related to their alleged crimes.

However, Nandipha’s lawyer is making a case for her release based on the argument that her arrest and deportation by the state were unlawful.

Anton Katz, her lawyer, asserts that the police and the Department of Home Affairs disregarded various protocols established by international and constitutional law in bringing her back.

During the court proceedings, Katz stated, as reported by EWN: “This goes against the principles observed in deportation and extradition processes worldwide, spanning countless centuries.”

“South Africa will decide whether to send an extradition request, depending on what Tanzanians tell us and if the Tanzanians tell us that we’ll hand over her without an extradition [okay]… if they say we’ve got to bring an extradition request, we bring an extradition request.

Amidst these developments, South Africans have taken to social media to express their curiosity regarding how Nandipha managed to engage the services of Anton Katz.

Speculation has arisen, with some social media users questioning whether the couple, who were apprehended by a South African delegate, are being financially supported by individuals in influential positions.


“Adv Anton Katz SC doesn’t come cheap, which brings up the question of who is paying for Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha’s legal teams.”


“Dr Nandipha is not playing. Anton Katz SC is a goat when it comes to international law”.


“Ladies and Gentlemen,  the best things in life are not free. Anton Katz SC is one of the best lawyers on the African continent. You need money, not petty cash, to be represented by him. Being poor is not nice. Being wealthy is.  He can win this case”.


Here are a few facts about the man representing Nandipha’s urgent court bid as reported by The South African.

  • He has an  LLB from the University of Cape Town and an LLM (International Law) from Columbia School of Law, New York.
  • According to GBCSA, Anton has dealt principally with international and constitutional issues with a particular focus on international criminal law, extradition, and refugee matters.
  • Anton is part of a legal team working to finalise the formal extradition of brothers Atul and Rajesh Gupta from the UAE
  • According to a tweet by Phumzile van Damme, Anton was also instrumental in taking on British PR firm Bell Pittinger. He has also offered his services to the DA.


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