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Musa Keys has finally addressed the ongoing speculation about his sexuality, a topic that has caused quite a stir due to his distinctive fashion choices. The ‘Selema’ hitmaker took to social media to clarify his stance and put the rumors to rest.

Musa Keys Speaks Out

Musa Keys, known for his bold and unconventional style, has grown weary of the assumptions being made about his sexual orientation. In a candid video, he emphatically denied being gay and challenged the stereotype that attire dictates one’s sexuality. He urged his followers to refrain from making baseless accusations.

“I am not gay. I’ve seen all the comments suggesting otherwise just because of my style. Since when does fashion define who you are? People need to stop being ignorant,” Musa Keys stated in the video.

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Affirming His Heterosexuality

The artist, originally from Giyani, further emphasized that his preference for keeping his romantic life private does not imply a lack of interest in women.

“Just because I don’t flaunt my relationships on social media doesn’t mean I’m not into women. Seriously, people need to relax,” he added.

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Social Media’s Mixed Reactions

Despite his clarifications, the public’s response has been divided. Some users believe that his need to explain himself might indicate he’s hiding something, while others argue that his sexuality is his own business and doesn’t require public validation. Here are a few reactions:

  • @Zweli_Thixo: “When you start explaining, it usually means you’re hiding something.”
  • @MalumeRichie: “Sometimes it’s best to let people think what they want.”
  • @KG_Mzimela: “I get it, it’s hard to accept yourself when you’re afraid of judgment. Or maybe he’s just not sure yet. It happens.”
  • @Queen_am28623: “He’s too feminine. There’s no difference between him and gay men. They both do their nails, have feminine traits.”
  • @Queen_am28623: “Even if he denies being gay, he has many traits associated with gay men: doing hair, wearing a nose ring, getting nails done, and tattoos. He’s a feminine man.”

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