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South Africa is currently ablaze with anger after a Zahara hospital picture is leaked and circulates on social media.

Zahara’s Hospital Picture Leaked

The renowned 36-year-old Loliwe songstress passed away on Monday evening due to complications with her liver. This tragic event unfolded weeks after she had been admitted to a private hospital in Johannesburg.

Her family, in a statement released yesterday, officially confirmed her passing:

“We Mourn the Passing of Zahara. It is with heavy hearts and deepest sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved daughter, sister, and friend, Zahara. Surrounded by family and loved ones, Zahara departed this world on Monday, 11 December 2023.”

The family expressed their grief and described Zahara as a shining light and a blessing to the world:

“She was a pure light, and an even purer heart, in this world. A beacon of hope, a gift, and a blessing to us and countless people around the world. A legendary figure in the world of music, Zahara remarkably touched millions of people’s lives with her extraordinary gift and passion for music. She leaves behind an indelible mark on the music industry and a legacy that will forever resonate in our hearts and souls.”

Zahara’s Hospital Pictures Leaked

Despite the family’s plea for privacy during Zahara’s hospitalization, it appears that someone callously captured and shared images of her in her vulnerable state.

DJ Sbu speaks on Zahara's death
Zahara-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

This breach of privacy has triggered widespread outrage, with netizens condemning those responsible for taking and disseminating the pictures. Social media is flooded with criticisms, expressing the collective disapproval of this heartless act.

Reactions on Social Media

Here are some reactions from social media:

@FearFokol_Thabo: Whoever disrespected Zahara at the hospital must face serious and harsh repercussions; we can’t allow such a heartless tendency to undermine the dignity of a fellow human being.

@Vinoliciah: I won’t be surprised if it’s Zahara’s family. They had a habit of leaking things.

@thatom_thatom: Some people don’t respect other people’s privacy, and what happened to patient confidentiality when it comes to healthcare workers. 😭

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