Sorisha Naidoo-Image Source(Instagram)Sorisha Naidoo-Image Source(Instagram)

Mzansi Left Divided After A Tweep Claims Sorisha Naidoo Is 33 Years Old

People on social media are discussing Sorisha Naidoo, a star on the show Real Housewives of Durban. Some fans don’t like her new attitude and criticise her for her age. But many people still like her and think she is one of the most popular stars on the show this season.

During Season 3 of the show, Sorisha has been trending on social media daily because she speaks her mind. Since the 3rd season premiered, Naidoo has been a fans’ favourite as she rips people the good way with her rude and unfiltered comments.

Sorisha Naidoo-Image Source(Instagram)
Sorisha Naidoo-Image Source(Instagram)

Tweep claims that Sorisha Naidoo is a 33-year old

Sorisha has had her age trending in the news and on news blogs after fans discovered it. Many fans accused the media personality of being a gold digger and in her marriage for the money only. This was after the age difference between Sorisha, and her husband was revealed and said to be 23 years.

Recently, a TV personality named Asisipho Burwana accused Sorisha of lying about her age and claimed that she was 33 years old.

Sorisha Naidoo-Image Source(Instagram)
Sorisha Naidoo-Image Source(Instagram)

Asisipho said that she knows Sorisha personally and that people on the internet might not know the truth. This has caused some people to wonder whether Sorisha’s online biography is accurate. Many people in the comment section of the Tweet said that Sorisha could not be 33 years old but be at least 45 years old.

Asisipho was adamant in the comment section as he claims to know the Real Housewives of Durban personally and not just from Television.

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