Major Steez gets shutdown by the police-Image Source(Instagram)Major Steez gets shutdown by the police-Image Source(Instagram)

Mzansi Gets Angry After Major Steez Gets Shutdown By Police

People in South Africa are unhappy with the South African Police Services (SAPS) because they stopped a well-known music duo, Major Steez, from recording in a studio. A video of the whole ordeal was taken and posted on social media. The video was not well received by South Africans, and they claim that they waste their time doing work that is not important.

Police Shutsdown Major Steez studio session with Anele Zondo

The police stopped the recording session in Johannesburg, and it is believed that the reason for the interruption was because of a noise complaint from neighbours.


ላይቭ ላይ እጠብቃቸዋለው

♬ original sound – Sancho Gebre

The police arrived and shut down the studio session because it was causing a disturbance to people in the apartments nearby. Some people are angry about this and think that the police should be focusing on solving more serious crimes, such as finding and arresting the people responsible for the murder of rapper AKA.

The backlash from social media users over Major Steez shutdown

Major Steez-Image Source(Instagram)
Major Steez-Image Source(Instagram)

Many people are upset that the police are not doing more to address gender-based violence (GBV) cases. The South African Police Services did not comment on the incident.


They still haven’t solved that AKA case but they’re busy with unnecessary things🤦🏽‍♂️amasimba ezwe lawa


that “ iSimple” means gimmie something then will be out of here🤣


wish they put in the same energy in GBV cases . 👍🏿


They do everything else except the job that’s required


There are people killing each other out there and they decided to go to the ones killing beats 😐

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