Boity Thulo before surgery-Image Source@InstagramBoity Thulo before surgery-Image Source@Instagram

Boity Thulo, the versatile television personality from Mzansi, made waves at the 66th annual Grammy Awards, held at the Arena in LA. However, a surprising incident on the red carpet involving Boity and American rapper Ice Spice has sparked a social media frenzy.

Boity Thulo’s Red Carpet Encounter

A video capturing the moment Boity Thulo was ushered aside to make way for Ice Spice by a vigilant bodyguard quickly circulated across social media platforms, triggering a wave of reactions from netizens.

Boity, among the South African stars attending the prestigious event, found herself in an unexpected situation that left many onlookers questioning the dynamics of South African celebrities attending American awards shows without active involvement.

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Social Media Erupts

On platforms like X (formerly Twitter), social media users expressed their thoughts and emotions about the incident. Some users shared their embarrassment for Boity, believing she seemed out of place at the event. Others questioned the logic behind South African celebrities attending international awards ceremonies where their participation is limited.

@Ed_UberDriver: Cameraman was like “Oh, it’s no one important” and he kept moving…

@JackzMind: Tjo! @Boity looks lost. Come back home, we love you here. I’m soo embarrassed by this – I can’t imagine how you were feeling.

@matlalamalwela: Honestly, I don’t understand the logic behind local celebrities attending American events like BET awards and even Grammys which they do not partake in. I just don’t understand why they gotta reduce themselves to nothingness.

@Sabelo52979939: They thought she was the cleaning lady. 😭💔

@DilotsaT: Ouch 🤕😭 The way she moved aside 💔 Boity said she’s a queen 👑 why step aside like a peasant? 😢 I am heartbroken by this. Aowa. Gake sharp shame. Boitumelo why 😟

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This incident has ignited a conversation about the representation of South African talent on the global stage and the challenges they may face. Boity Thulo’s Grammy experience has become a focal point for discussions on the dynamics of international award ceremonies and the expectations placed on attending celebrities.

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