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On a solemn day in South Africa, the nation mourned the tragic loss of Mbongeni Ngema in a fatal accident, prompting an overflow of condolences from both fans and celebrities. Somizi Mhlongo, among those paying tribute, faced controversy over the message he shared in memory of Ngema.

The Explanation of the Controversial Message

Seeking to address the confusion surrounding his tribute, Somizi took to Instagram to provide clarification. He acknowledged the peculiarity of his message, where WhatsApp chats seemed to indicate that he was sending condolences to himself.

Somizi clarified that he had received a heartfelt message from Mbongeni Ngema and intended to share it within a dedicated group honoring the late actor. However, a mix-up occurred, leading him to inadvertently send the message to the wrong destination while searching for the correct group.

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Somizi Mhlongo fake message-Image Source@X

He candidly confessed that the confusion arose due to his state of mind not being in the right space during that emotional moment.

Reactions from Mzansi

While some fans found clarity in Somizi’s explanation, others remained skeptical, demanding the sharing of the original message to dispel doubts. Social media witnessed calls for transparency:

Ms Petunia: “Just share the original message from Mr Mbongeni to you. I think that will clear all doubts.”

Asemahle Nombombo: “I love you Som Som, but this explanation makes it even worse. Ayivakali.”

Mawabo Webster Vaveki: “Without the correct screenshot, this explanation makes no sense… we want receipts 😩”

Despite the attempt to clarify, some remained unconvinced, emphasizing the importance of providing evidence to support the explanation.

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Speculations and Closure

It remains to be seen whether Somizi will share the original message to put an end to the speculation and provide closure to Mbongeni Ngema’s mourning fans.

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