Zandile Khumalo-Image Source@TwitterZandile Khumalo-Image Source@Twitter

‘My mind froze’ Zandile Khumalo Testifies In Senzo Meyiwa’s Murder Trial

Zandile Khumalo, the sister of musician Kelly Khumalo, provided her testimony in the Pretoria high court regarding the murder of Senzo Meyiwa, Kelly’s boyfriend. Zandile recounted the events of the night in 2014, starting with her position in the house during the alleged robbery.

She explained that she was hiding between the basin and the bathtub, ensuring that she would not be visible to any potential criminals passing by the window. Zandile then described how she witnessed Senzo coming from the kitchen and kneeling next to the couch and TV stand. Kelly joined him, standing behind Senzo.

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Panic and Forgotten Emergency Number

Zandile Khumalo-Image Source@Twitter
Zandile Khumalo-Image Source@Twitter

According to Zandile’s testimony, her mother reached for her cellphone, which was on a charger near the couch, and the intruder noticed it. He hit her with his elbow, causing her to fall onto the sofa. The intruder snatched the cellphone and left the scene. When Zandile came out of the bathroom after the intruders fled, she discovered that Meyiwa had been shot. Panicking and in shock, she tried to call for help but had a mental block and couldn’t remember the police emergency number, 10111. She eventually went to a neighbour’s house to seek assistance, asking them to call the police and an ambulance.

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The Murder and Accused Individuals

Meyiwa was fatally shot during what appeared to be a botched robbery. The incident took place in the presence of Kelly Khumalo, Ntombi (Zandile and Kelly’s mother), Zandile’s boyfriend Longwe Twala, and Meyiwa’s friends Mthokozisi Thwala and Tumelo Madlala.

Zandile Khumalo-Image Source@Twitter
Zandile Khumalo-Image Source@Twitter

The accused individuals, Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, Bongani Ntanzi, Mthobisi Prince Mncube, Mthokoziseni Maphisa, and Sifisokuhle Nkani Ntuli, are standing trial for premeditated murder, attempted murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, possession of firearms without a license, and possession of ammunition. All of them have pleaded not guilty.

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Identification of the Second Intruder

During her testimony, Zandile pointed out Bongani Ntanzi as the second intruder who entered the house on the night of the incident.


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