Candy Magidimisa pours cold water on dating married manCandy Magidimisa-Image Source@Instagram

Muvhango actress Candy Magidimisa vehemently denies allegations of having a romantic involvement with a married man, putting an end to the swirling rumours.

Enjoying Time in Cape Town Amidst Controversy

Candy Magidimisa, renowned for her role as Shaz in Muvhango, recently enjoyed some leisure time in Cape Town, as evidenced by her vibrant Instagram updates.

Stepping away from the Muvhango set, Candy immersed herself in thrilling adventures, capturing moments of paragliding in the Cape Town skies and embracing speed during a quad-biking excursion.

Candy Magidimisa married man
Candy Magidimisa-Image Source@imzansi

Her joyous expressions reflected the fulfilment she experienced while holidaying and unwinding in Cape Town.

Addressing Baseless Accusations

Despite relishing her time away, Candy found herself at the centre of controversy when an anonymous source, reaching out to the Instagram tabloid Maphephandaba, accused her of being romantically involved with a married man, Mabaya Ndivhuwo.

The source alleged that Candy and Ndivhuwo were together in Cape Town, insinuating that he had left his family for the actress.

Responding to the rumours, Candy Magidimisa spoke with the publication and categorically denied any romantic entanglement with the married man. She clarified that the posted pictures were from the previous week, and she had already left Cape Town. The anonymous source had pointed to shared locations on social media as evidence of their togetherness.

Candy’s Defiant Response

Refuting the accusations, Candy Magidimisa stated, “I’m not involved with that man. I visited Cape Town last week and am currently in JHB. I can even share my current location with you. We are not an item, not even on talking terms or collaborating as we did not agree on payment.”

As the controversy settles, Candy Magidimisa remains focused on her career and continues to share glimpses of her life, determined to move past the baseless rumours that briefly clouded her recent moments of joy in Cape Town.

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