Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)

Musician Nomfundo Moh Shares How She Has Suffered Internet Bullying

Nomfundo Moh Ngcobo has released a new single called Amalobolo featuring Big Zulu and will soon release her entire project titled Ugcobo.

She has been nominated twice for the 23rd Metro FM Awards, which will take place in Mbombela. The musician said that being nominated means a lot to her and boosts her confidence, as it shows her music is being recognized and appreciated.

Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)
Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)

Nomfundo Moh shares how she has experienced bullying

Nomfundo’s debut album, Amagama, has helped her grow and develop. The attention has given her tough skin and taught her not to be easily influenced. The music industry is not easy, and it requires strength and focuses on goals.

Nomfundo has received both love and hate since her debut. She has overcome many challenges, including bullying and social media hate that almost broke her. People criticized her for things she cannot control, like her appearance.

“I have overcome a lot of challenges, one of them being bullying, social media hate almost broke me. I received a lot of hate from people calling me ugly, some criticising my size and petite body type. People criticise things that I have no control over.” 

Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)
Nomfundo Moh-Image Source(Instagram)

Nomfundo wants to heal people with her music. She graduated with a degree in Social Work and bought a house and a car in the last two years. She feels blessed to have achieved all those things before turning 25.

Her family supports her decisions, and they helped her during her difficult final years of studying. Her supportive team, understanding superiors, and mentor all helped her balance her career and education.

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