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Musician Luke Ntombela, who has previously suggested that DJ Tira was involved in a sexual assault incident, remains resolute in her stance against being intimidated by his wealth and fame. Ntombela has demanded answers from DJ Tira after reportedly waking up naked next to him, suspecting that she had been drugged and sexually assaulted.

Counter Claim

In response to these allegations, DJ Tira’s legal team issued a “cease and desist” letter, accusing Ntombela of tarnishing his reputation. However, Ntombela’s lawyers have responded by challenging DJ Tira, whose real name is Mthokozisi Khathu, to take legal action if he feels the need. On Monday, Ntombela’s legal representatives, K Matseke Attorneys from Joburg, sent a letter to DJ Tira’s attorneys, Khathi & Mkhize Attorneys, asserting that Ntombela will continue to express her perspective.

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“Should your client feel compelled to seek legal redress as threatened, you are hereby invited to pursue such a course,” stated the letter addressed to DJ Tira and his legal team. Ntombela’s lawyers emphasized that she will persist in speaking her truth and supporting those who have been cyberbullied or silenced for voicing their experiences.

The letter further stated, “Your correspondence implies that your client has a different version of events than what our client believes to be the truth. In the public interest, please provide this version that allegedly renders our client’s statements ‘baseless, unfounded, and defamatory.’ As it is not our client’s intention to litigate through correspondence, our lack of response to each allegation in your letter should not be interpreted as an admission of their validity. These matters will be addressed appropriately at a later stage and in a suitable forum.”

Still Waiting for Answers

Ntombela shared the letter with her followers on social media, writing, “And you, @djtira, for thinking money and fame are everything. There is someone above representing us all. @djtira I’m still waiting for an explanation.” She also declared her solidarity with those facing cyberbullying and other challenges, saying, “With the help of God, I am standing up for those who have or are experiencing cyberbullying, those who have been silenced or criticized for speaking their truth, and those who are still afraid to speak.”

Attempts to contact DJ Tira for comment were unsuccessful, as he did not respond to calls or text messages.

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