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In a twist of fate, renowned South African musicians DJ Tira and Naakmusiq have reportedly buried the hatchet and are back in the creative realm together. According to Zimoja, the artists, who were previously entangled in disputes, have now mended fences and are collaborating once again.

Their original fallout in 2019

Zimoja reports that Tira and Naakmusiq had a falling out around four years ago, primarily revolving around financial disagreements. Rumours suggested that Naakmusiq, once signed under Tira’s Afrotainment label, had confronted Tira at his residence in Ruimsig, west of Johannesburg. Allegedly, Naakmusiq demanded compensation for the downloads and, unfortunately, this incident strained their longstanding friendship.

However, recent developments suggest a newfound camaraderie. A source revealed, “They have resolved their issues and are currently collaborating on new projects. Starting with a joint venture with Mayonie founder, Zakhele ‘Zakes Bantwini’ Madida, they have completed that project and are now focusing on their individual endeavour.”

The source continued, “Naak is thrilled to be working with Tira again, as he believes Tira is the only producer who truly understands him and his music. Having delivered impressive work in the past, they are both eager to create outstanding music for their fans.”

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Controversial studio embrace


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Naakmusiq took to social media, sharing images of their studio sessions with the caption, “Studio camp day 4.” While the pictures, capturing the camaraderie between the musicians, sparked varied opinions among social media users, the artists chose to ignore any speculations regarding the nature of their relationship.

Insiders reveal that the duo has sorted out their differences and is committed to crafting new music that resonates with their fan base. This news is a sigh of relief for their supporters, who were concerned that the once-thriving collaboration might never see the light of day again.

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DJ Tira and Naakmusiq have enjoyed individual success, with DJ Tira as one of South Africa’s most celebrated DJs and Naakmusiq carving a niche for himself as a versatile actor, producer, and performer. Despite their recent reconciliation, both parties have chosen not to comment on the renewed friendship, letting their music speak for itself.

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