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Musa Ngema Allegedly Fired From Generations For Bad Behaviour

Musa Ngema, who played the role of Mazwi Moroka in the popular South African soapie, Generations, has reportedly been fired from the show due to his strained relationships with other cast and crew members. This follows allegations that Ngema had been exhibiting bad behaviour on set, including a terrible attitude towards those around him.

Ngema’s speech impediment

Musa as Mazwi in Generations
Musa Ngema-Image Source(Instagram)

According to sources, Ngema’s problems began when he was urged to improve his pronunciation and stop stuttering while speaking. Apparently, the actor was insulted and took offence to the criticism, which caused further friction between him and the rest of the cast and crew.

“When they tried showing him his weaknesses, he would be angry,” said the source. As a result of these conflicts, Ngema’s character was unceremoniously written off the show.

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Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo return to Generations

Following Ngema’s departure, Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo are set to return to Generations. The two actors will make their first public appearance at Mazwi Moroka’s funeral. Reports also suggest that producers approached Moopi Mothibeli, who played Smanga Moroka, but he declined the offer.

Generations address Ngema’s exit

Actress Musa Ngema
Musa Ngema-Image Source(Instagram)

Generations has denied any bad blood between the show’s production team and Ngema. The show released a statement saying, “As with any long-running television show, the decision to write a character out of the series is never an easy one.

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“The reality is that in a world with so much content, soapies have to let go of some characters and introduce new ones to keep the show interesting and spring surprises on the audience.”

While Ngema’s exit may have come as a surprise to many of his fans, the decision to let him go was necessary to ensure that the show remains fresh and relevant to its viewers.

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