Musa khawula-Image Source(Instagram)Musa khawula-Image Source(Instagram)

Musa Khawula To Pay Celebrity Photographer R500 000 For Defamation

Celebrity photographer Dumani Khuzwayo has won a lawsuit against blogger Musa Khawula. Khuzwayo took legal action after Khawula made offensive comments accusing him of being part of a group of young men being prostituted to older men.

In a Tweet that he shared, Musa Khawula claimed that Khuzwayo was on the payroll of a Gauteng pimp to have unprotected sex with older men. Khawula also suggested that Khuzwayo was at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS as a result of his actions.

Dumani Khuzwayo-Image Source(Instagram)
Dumani Khuzwayo-Image Source(Instagram)

In the tweet, Khawula stated:

He is going to get Aids very quickly because nobody wants to use rubber ever that’s given.

Musa Khawula ordered to pay Dumani Khuzwayo R500 000 by court

Khuzwayo argued that the tweet was defamatory and intended to deliberately humiliate and damage his reputation.

The tweet was shared by Khawula to his 183 000 followers which further proved that he intended to ruin and damage Khuzwayo’s reputation.

Musa Khawula in court again-Image Source(instagram)
Musa Khawula in court again-Image Source(Instagram)

The Joburg High Court ruled in favor of Khuzwayo and ordered Khawula to pay R500,000 in damages, retract his statements, delete related tweets, issue an apology on his social media platforms, and provide a written undertaking to refrain from making any further false, defamatory, or hurtful remarks about Dumani.

The Judge’s final ruling included the below statement:

Having read the documents filed of record, heard evidence and submissions by counsel, and having considered the matter, the following order is made, “It is ordered that the respondent pay the sum of R500 000.00 to the applicant, interest on the aforesaid sum of R500 000.00 at the rate of 9.75% per annum a tempore mora until date of payment in full; the respondent issue public apology and unconditional retraction in writing and published on the respondent’s various social media platforms in which the respondent published the said utterances.

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